The entire team at “Faro” is scaling the land to source dedicated farmers, fishermen and producers. Our Chef’s respect for Japanese ingredients, paired with wealth of experience, will fuel exciting new creations.

Our Executive Chef travelled around the country to meet artisans in their studios and see their work. From cutlery to ceramics glassware to linen, our tableware represents the selected works of these fine artisans.

  • APPLE of porcelain「Heart」
    Kaoru Amano
    APPLE of porcelain「Heart」

    The centerpiece decoration is an apple, which in Europe is a symbol of food, religion (creation), and technology. This piece, "Heart," is a work from the "Kaoru" workshop in the chef's home prefecture of Ehime. Each and every apple is slightly different, so the apple was chosen to represent FARO, whose unique aspects overlap to create a new world.

  • Edo-kiriko cut glass
    Horiguchi-Kiriko Shuseki(Ⅲ) Toru Horiguchi
    Edo-kiriko cut glass

    Edo Kiriko glass, which combines the traditions of the first Edo Kiriko master, Ichio Horiguchi, with the superb cutting techniques learned by the second master, takes on a variety of expressions as light plays across it. Savor sake carefully selected by our sommelier in this glass, designed to offer the very best fit.

  • Cross-patterned box
    Yoshizawa Woodworking Shop Yoshikazu Yoshizawa
    Cross-patterned box

    These cross-shaped boxes were designed for plating Western food in the style of a traditional Japanese multi-tiered box. The corners of the drawers showcase the limitless cuisine of FARO. The black faces of the boxes were made using a unique technique involving the sprinkling and curing of sand and lacquer from the Chef's home of Imabari, Ehime Prefecture.

  • Steak Knife
    Takamura-hamono Manufacturing
    Steak Knife

    These steak knives feature a double-edged finish and the Damascus steel pattern and techniques developed by Toshiyuki Takamura (second-generation master), a Medal-with-Yellow-Ribbon winner, and carried on by the three brothers that make up the third-generation of Takamura Cutlery. These knives become invaluable partners that let you savor every drop and ounce of flavor in our slowly cooked meat dishes.

  • Seiji-Tobikanna

    The Kyoyaki seiji style carried on in Kiyomizu by four generations of Wakunami Soryu kilns, and the skills of Madoka Wakunami trained in the Koishiwara tradition, have produced a fusion of the smooth beauty of seiji ware and the Tobikanna chattering technique, made possible only through the seamless partnership of this husband-and-wife team.

  • Sake cup: Hana o Matou (Wreathed in Flowers)
    sayo kuroi
    Sake cup: Hana o Matou (Wreathed in Flowers)

    A work by Sayo Kuroki, urushi artist from Kanazawa City. Urushi lacquer is laid with tin, upon which intricate floral patterns are inscribed using the “Hari-gaki (needle-drawing)” technique. Enjoy your sake with this exquisite cup which embodies the evanescent yet stately quality of floral beauty.

  • Original show plate
    Original show plate

    The show plates that decorate the tables are original pieces made in a plant in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, one of the world's leading metal-processing areas. Each and every plate is decorated by hand with a rolling wave pattern depicting the moon reflected in the sea. The natural tones of the plates blend seamlessly into the restaurant's interior.