◆『FARO&CAINOYA Collaboration Dinner』 
¥30,000 (tax included, service charge not included) *Capacity (each day) 30 people

10 dishes in total (From 3 theme ingredients, 3 each dishes created by Chef Takayoshi Shiozawa of "CAINOYA'' and Chef Kotaro Noda of "FARO'', 1 joint dish, amuse bouche, dolce, and petit fours).
We also offer alcohol pairing for ¥20,000 and non-alcohol pairing for ¥15,000.

◆Date and time: October 27th (Friday) and October 28th (Saturday), 2023 (Limited to 2 days)
Opening at 6:00pm, starting at 6:30pm on both days

◆Reservations: Please call 03-3572-3911 or use website for online reservations. (Starting at 2:00pm on Thursday, September 28, 2023)

*Please note that we will stop accepting reservations once the capacity is reached.
*Please make a reservation in advance.
*Please note that the content and period of service may be subject to change depending on the availability of the ingredients.